Mango to be known as Windows Phone 7.5

The next upgrade for Windows Phone 7 is codenamed Mango, and was discussed at some length at Microsoft’s MIX11 event earlier this month.

But it won’t simply be known as Mango – in fact, with this update to the OS, Microsoft is changing the name to Windows Phone 7.5. Despite the fact that the moniker is clunky and potentially confusing to say the least.

The company announced this move on the Microsoft Partner Network (spotted by, where it wrote: “Preview the New Windows Phone OS 7.5”.

Mango, sorry, Windows Phone 7.5, will bring with it enhanced multi-tasking for fast app switching, and devs are being given access to the WP camera and motion sensor library (so get ready for some motion sensing apps).

Streamlining and expanding the reach of the Windows Phone Marketplace is also planned for this autumn, when the upgrade is expected to be unleashed.

Windows Phone 7.5 just doesn’t seem quite right as a name, though. A bit like renaming Windows 7 as Windows 7.1 after pushing out the first service pack, it doesn’t really make sense to us.


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