Top 12 Netbooks

Dell Mini 10
FROM £249
Based on Dell's successful Mini 9, the Mini 10 adds a bigger, better screen stretches the keyboard, making marathon typing sessions easier on the fingertips. Elsewhere this is a solid netbook with all the features you'd expect, plus an impessive amount of storage via its hard drive.

Cracking keyboard and range of colours.

HP Mini 1000
FROM £269
So thin it makes wafers green with envy, this all-rounder is the archetypal netbook: portable and unfussy when it comes to features and specs. It's not the most powerful model, but with decent battery life and a large keyboard, it'll keep you connected on the move.

Large keyboard on a small frame.

Asus Eee PC 900
FROM £199

An updated version of the laptop that sparked the netbook revolution. ultra-affordable and ultra-portable, its solid state storage drive may be limited in size, but it offers a blisteringly quick start up and an impressive battery life as well as the added measure of shock resistance to protect against drops.

Small, swift and simple.
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